Submitted Papers but not yet reviewed

Nadine Besse, Samuel Rosset, Juan José Zárate, Elisabetta Ferrari, Luca Brayda and Herbert Shea, “Scalable latching assistive haptic display using a shape memory polymer membrane”, submitted to IEEE Transactions on Haptics 2017

Makerstown in Bruxelles

At the Makerstown the first qualitive results of the experiments in Poland with the 12×16 BlindPAD was presented. Also, the proto1 was demonstrated onsite.


World Haptics 2017

At the World Haptics J.J Zarate, N. Besse, O. Gudozhnik, A. Ruch, H. Shea, demonstrated the “Portable pin array with 192 fast latching taxels”. Also an oral presentation was given about the portable pins. Many people tried out the demonstrator. A lighter version of the proto1, which was used at the first prototypes was presented at the World Haptics.

ACM CHI 2017

At the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2017 in Denver a paper was accepted to demonstrate the latest version of BlindPAD together with a simple game of Pong – Haptic Pong.