Final review meeting

The consortium has met in Genoa, Italy, for the final Review Meeting. We discussed the final project goals and had a demo session together with our Project Office, the Reviewers from the European Commission, involving also end users.

Left-to-right: Diego Torazza (IIT), Giulio Sandini (IIT), Piotr Witek (FIRR), Aleksander Waskielewicz (FIRR), Davide Dellepiane (IIT), Luca Brayda (IIT, coordinator), Elena Cocchi (Chiossone), Attila Agoston (Ateknea), Franco Bertora (IIT), Elisabetta Capris (Chiossone), Herbert Shea (EPFL), Claudia Vigini (Chiossone), Fabrizio Leo (IIT), Elisabetta Ferrari (IIT), Michael Gerhard (Geomobile), Caterina Baccelliere (IIT), Mariacarla Memeo (IIT), Maria Carmela Fierro (IIT).