IEEE Haptics Symposium 2016

Nadine Besse, Herbert Shea, Juan Zarate, Samuel Rosset, Luca Brayda presented the “4×4 SMP demo” at the Haptics Symposium 2016 conference held from April 8th till 11th 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In addition to that also a publication was successful at the Symposium.

Impressions from the Symposium


BlindPAD 16 Taxel EM Video

Haptic display from the BlindPAD consortium with 16 independent taxels (touchable pixels), to demonstrate EPFL’s electromagnetic actuation technology to provide graphical information to blind and visually impaired users.
We use an array of microfabricated coils to generate localized magnetic fields to move miniature magnets up and down. The magnets displace 3D printed taxels, which is what the user touches. This approach gives us large vertical displacement (over 0.5 mm) coupled with good holding force (25 mN) and a refresh time of under 1 second for the entire array.

EM and SMPU 4×4


Now our 4×4 Electromagnetic (EM) and Shape Memory PolyUrethanes (SMPU) taxel arrays are available. We will test out the functionalities and go for the next size…..

4x4_EM_demo 4x4_SMPU_Demo_LMTS