World Haptics 2017

At the World Haptics J.J Zarate, N. Besse, O. Gudozhnik, A. Ruch, H. Shea, demonstrated the “Portable pin array with 192 fast latching taxels”. Also an oral presentation was given about the portable pins. Many people tried out the demonstrator. A lighter version of the proto1, which was used at the first prototypes was presented at the World Haptics.

ACM CHI 2017

At the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2017 in Denver a paper was accepted to demonstrate the latest version of BlindPAD together with a simple game of Pong – Haptic Pong.

IEEE Haptics Symposium 2016

Nadine Besse, Herbert Shea, Juan Zarate, Samuel Rosset, Luca Brayda presented the “4×4 SMP demo” at the Haptics Symposium 2016 conference held from April 8th till 11th 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In addition to that also a publication was successful at the Symposium.

Impressions from the Symposium


Workshop on Multisensory Interaction and Assistive Technology

We organized the first Workshop­ on Multisensory Interaction and Assistive Technology. This was co-organized with scientists in the field of neuroscience, engineering and human-machine interfaces. Within the workshop, the following talk was given: Can refreshable tactile displays be a complementary tool in rehabilitation setups for visually impaired people (by Luca Brayda)?

Image of the Workshop on Multisensory Interaction and assistive technology

The workshop website can be visited at:

WUD Silesia Commons Innovation

On 17.11.2015 at the WUD Silesia Commons Innovation Piotr from FIRR referred about the BLINDPAD and the project. In addition to the presentation it was also a fruitfull discussion about possible use cases and scenarios.