Our exhibition at the “Festival della Scienza”


  • The “Festival della Scienza” is a reference point for the dissemination of science, a meeting point for researchers, enthusiasts, schools and families and is one of the biggest events of dissemination of scientific culture internationally. For BLINDPAD it is very important get the user feedback and exchange with others about the needs for blind and visually impaired people. As well, the motivations behind the project were disseminated with this event. BLINDPAD was presented through an interactive experience named “Time in the dark”. The exhibition lasted 9 hours per day for 9 days. The research activity was disseminated by researchers of IIT, while university students of Genoa and several blind visually impaired people acted as scientific animators (trained for the event). BLINDPAD received more than 3000 visitors of all ages and cultural extraction. According to the Festival organizers, our stand was one of the most visited. The exhibition was organized together with the colleagues of the FP7 ABBI project (www.abbiproject.eu). The underlying idea was to offer visitors an interactive experience about how multisensory perception is affected by the absence of vision, and how the sense of time changes in the dark.


  • The abstract of the interactive experience can be downloaded (in Italian) here:
  • A journalist interviewed Fabrizio Leo (IIT) about the disseminated scientific content, available here:
  • Specifically, we designed an interactive space where people could follow an interactive path. Visitors were instructed about the vicarious modalities (hearing and touch) when visual impairment occurs. Then they were presented the technological concept of BLINDPAD.

  • Several tactile maps were available for visitors, who could see them while touch them. Maps were fabricated using special Minolta™ paper, currently used at Istituto Chiossone during rehabilitation programs.
  • You find some pictures of the event here


  • Acknowledgments: we would like to thank the IIT staff for their time while organizing the exhibition “il Tempo al Buio”. Specifically, thanks to Gianluca Bosi, Irene Rivara and Nicholas Dring. We would also like to thank our colleagues of the EU FP7 Project ABBI for co-organizing this exhibition and for their precious help: Monica Gori, Gabriel Baud Bovy, Giulia Cappagli, Sara Finocchietti. Finally, warm thanks to our scientific animators, who were able for nine days to successfully manage more than 3000 visitors at our exhibition. This non easy task was carried out with passion and dedication by Antonella Adornetto, Arianna Briano, Diego Mezzatesta, Elisa Calzolari, Eugenio De Gregorio, Luana Bucchieri, Luca Genovesi, Nadia Trucco, Serena Tamburini, Rosella Belfiore.